Our inspiration comes from places like The Anarchist Library, libcom.org, and the Kate Sharpley Library. However, we intend β€” as you might imagine β€” to focus solely on syndicalism. We believe that syndicalism offers the most hope for a path out of capitalism and towards a more libertarian world. As a small contribution towards that goal, we aim to gather materials that define and promote the syndicalist method, as well as texts related to the history of syndicalism.

We are no longer on Twitter, so if you see any account that looks like us, it's not. We do have an account on the Fediverse, however! Come join us! (kolektiva.social is maybe another instance you might be interested in.) It's a far better experience - no ads, no fascist billionaire whims. We encourage everyone still lingering on that hellsite to jump ship and not help Elon Musk make money.

If you'd like to contact us, send an email to synd123icalismorg@pro123tonma123il.com.

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Our Policy on Editing Texts

Some of the texts on this site were originally created well before the internet or word processors or even computers. Some of these have since been put up somewhere on the internet with varying levels of accuracy. Where possible, we strive to find original materials and either proof text we've found elsewhere against them or digitize them ourselves and proof them.

If we find minor grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors in the originals, we correct them without indicating we did so. We also add oxford commas because they improve readability. More substantial changes will either be indicated by brackets [ ] or accompanying explanatory notes.


The cover images we've selected for the texts are in the public domain, with the individual source listed on the text's page. We've edited them all to some degree (oftentimes simply by adjusting the color).